Improve Alexa Ranking With Alexa Toolbar For Firefox

Firefox users can finally download the Alexa Toolbar! Up until now, only Internet Explorer Users were able to download the toolbar and there was a lot of unhappy Firefox users who couldn't have done the same.

Well, the Alexa Toolbar has finally been made available for Firefox users too!

I have one question for you. Do you even use Alexa Toolbar? And if not, I think I know the answer... no one told you to do so! Well, I'm telling you now - go to and download the damn toolbar!

Why Should You Use Alexa Toolbar:

1. To have a good perspective in other bloggers blogs! You'll be able to know how important is a blog according to Alexa, in other words, does the blog have any audience.

2. You get an additional feature in your main toolbar - Related links - it shows the links to sites that Alexa thinks that are similar to the one you are currently browsing. But that's just a bunch of .....

and... the most important reason why to download the Alexa Toolbar:

3. To IMPROVE YOUR ALEXA RANKING - Alexa is just like that, and it's no secret. Some say that if you buy their subscription that you can go even higher in the ranks. Just use the Alexa Toolbar and you will notice the difference. Do you have a 2 mil+ rank? Then what are you waiting for?

My example:

I have this blog for about 3 months now, and in the moment I started posting on it for real I had a 7,5 mil rank on Alexa. Look at it now, 480k and I expect it soon to be in the top 200k! Just wait and watch the next Alexa update ;)

Here is what the Alexa Toolbar for Firefox looks like:

Download the Alexa Toolbar for Firefox: Alexa Sparky For Firefox

Feel free to comment on your experiences with Alexa Toolbar. U comment - I follow ;)

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Dave Dragon said...

I downloaded the Alexa Tool Bar but I can't see how it will help the Alexa score for my blog?

I didn't have to enter a site address or email address for that matter.

What am I missing?


Dave Dragon
Ride it like you stole it

Kassper said...

With downloading the Alexa Toolbar For Firefox, Alexa will keep track of every visit you make to your own site, I assume that you visit it very often. Before downloading the toolbar, your visit was not so important as it is now. I don't really know the details on how it works, but from my experience with the Alexa Toolbar I can really say that using it does help a lot.

Dave Dragon said...

You were dead on about improving the Alexa Score by downloading and using the Alexa Toolbar. moved up to 1,765,790 overnight; an improvement of 418,496 according to Alexa.

Thanks for the great advise Kassper!

Kassper said...

Dave, I'm more than happy that I could help! Congrats on your big jump ;)

Dave Dragon said...
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Dave Dragon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cris said...

Hi there!

With your help on your article about the alexa tools, I managed to create my article:
6 Crazy Tips on How to Improve Alexa Rankings!

Thank you so much!

UK Homeowner said...

This is sounds like a good tip. I had see a lot of talk on a forum that suggested that Alexa rankings arent very reliable - now I know why ! I have been trying to learn various ways of getting some popularity for my blog about UK money and home issues so I will need to see if this tip helps.

Mo said...

I’ve installed the widget and for the past week or so have not received any sort of boost in my rankings…I’ve also added the alexa toolbar and have made my website ( my homepage so that it can track it…so far no luck though

Anonymous said...

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Reviews said...

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N Quamar said...

I am also going to get alexa toolbar after your advice. Hope this will help to improve.
Thanks for sharing.

John Potter said...

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Jessica Alba said...

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Pianist said...

I will give it a try. Let's see whether the page about my Album Tango Monologues gets more traffic. Or maybe my Radio Tango Nuevo ? We'll see.
Juan MarĂ­a

Hubuhs said...

Thanks for sharing, alexa is good