SEO Series Batch 3 - Add Meta Tags - Tell Search Engines What's Your Site About

Adding Meta Tags gives the search engines a description about your site. If you don't use the Meta Tags, then the search engine bots will automatically collect info about your site based on their scan.

But, if you add meta tags to your site, then the search engine bot goes directly to your meta tag (located in your HTML) and gathers info about your site from it.

Mata tag includes:

1. Meta Description - it is a short description what is your site all about. (my meta content is "Blogging Tips on how to Make Money Online")

2. Meta Keywords - Tell the search engine bots the keywords you want to use for your site. Don't use too many keywords, use only the relevant ones, so the search scan gets the important info about your site. (my meta keywords: Make Money, Make Money Online, Blogging Tips, Kassper)

3. Meta Author - Includes your blog's name. Do not put your own name in it unless your site's name is the same like yours.

If you are not using the Meta Tags yet, here is the step by step guide on how to add them:

Step By Step Guide On How To Add Meta Tags:

1. Open your favorite text editor and write in the following - replace only the CAPS letters with your site's info:

2. Copy/Paste the text into your site's HTML just under the HEAD tag.

And that's it. You have now added Meta Tags to your blog.

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Ed said...

This is a cool linking idea you've got here.

Here's another one, you've been tagged. See my post for the details.

sabrinasmoneymatters said...

True, true, I've found meta tags have made a sizable difference in traffic to my website.

Blogger said...

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