Google Search Privacy - Plain and Simple?

I posted an intriguing video about Google called Google Masterplan last week which focused on the question "Does Google really care about our privacy?".

Now, for comparison, take a look at this video which is the first in series of Google's videos about privacy.
Google talks about what information do they collect when a user is using a Google search engine and the steps they are taking to protect it. They also promised, that in the future posts, they will explain to us why do they keep logs and what information they collect while we are signed into Google.

Try to compare the videos and tell me - who do you trust? Do you trust Google? If not, why are you then using their services? Do you think there is nothing anyone can do against "Googleware"???

I would just love to hear a discussion about this. Just drop a comment bellow.

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Jos said...

Hi Kassper. Maybe you want to take a look at this for me, and see if I'm right? Thanks!

Kassper said...

Thank you Jos for the info, I have tried this method and it works. When you want to avoid sending info to Google then you should use this method.

Anonymous said...

Why not just use a FREE little program called the "G-Zapper".
It kills the Google tracking cookie.

Here is the link to the makers website:

kirbitz said...

Hi there kassper!

Nice post! this is pretty interesting. Im still in the process of learnign all these. .

BTW, how did you get this layout in blogger? Can you please teach me? this seems to be a very "ad conducive" layout. .

Visit me on my blog.


Kassper said...

@ kirbitz - Thanks for the kind words, I would be more than happy to share this theme with you, please use the contact me form to get in touch with me and we'll talk about it ;)

Bobby said...

I had adsense for 2 weeks, i hadn't even messed with it at all and they disabled it because of invalid clicks. I was shocked to be sent to a forum to complain! They said they had to protect their advertisers and said I will not learn any details AND asked me to not complain as it is a waste of time. That day changed my outlook. Reading this post I say I don't trust them. Their main customers are us end users and we are not the ones being protected. I've heard, "yes but google software is mostly free."
It BETTER BE FREE, hell, they should pay us all something:)

Anonymous said...

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