SEO Series Batch 1 - Keyword Research

This is the first of 50+ posts about SEO Optimization and SEO Tools which will be a great reading material for all SEO starters in the blogosphere. I will start with the basics of SEO and as the posting continues the SEO blogging tips will be more detailed. So let me begin from the start...

Keyword Research For Starters:

When you start a blog the most important thing you have to do is to decide for which keywords/keyword phrases are you going to compete in the search engines. 80% of all internet's traffic is through the search engines so with quality keyword research you can get a lot of traffic on your site. The higher position on the search engines you have the more traffic you receive to your site!

When you decide for which keyword you want to compete then it's best that you use a keyword research tool. The most respected tools are Overture, WordTracker and Keyword Discovery but they are not free. For start, use a free keyword tool. Later on, when you make some money with me, you'll be able to afford to buy one ;)
Untill then, has a free one and you can find it here: Keyword Research Tool.

It shows the estimate number of daily search activity for a specific keyword phrase on the internet across the major search engines and it'll give you a nice perspective on what is hot and what is not in the search engines.

After you have analyzed the keywords, go to google (and other search engines if you like, but google's enough) and check how much results are there in the search queries. Try to choose the keyword or keyword phrase that has high traffic and low number on results. That way you'll compete for a keyword phrase that is pretty common and has little results - with a little effort, the chances are you'll do just fine with that kind of keyword.

Check my post about Post Title Optimization and you'll see how to get high rankings for that kind of keyword phrases.

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SEOmiser said...

I have used Wordtracker and I found it useful to my Blogging, to target the right keywords that most people are trying to search on the search engines. But I do have a huge number of competitors that are also has a huge number of traffics.

And my site is a no match with those sites who already established good traffics for a while. So, I read a lot of articles and researched a good tools that can track down easily what are my competitors are doing on their keyword strategy and I bump with this newly launched keyword tool, that is good for beginners, the KeywordSpy - keyword research tool. Using this tool gave me an opportunity to immediately track down my competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of my blog, though I am only using their free trial version.

They have features like:

•The most comprehensive keyword database with over a billion keywords and counting
•Regular updates on keyword databank including search logs and keywords from our partnership with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other reliable data servers
•99% percent search results accuracy
•Instant downloading capabilities on all search results
•Offers exclusive country keywords (US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and South Africa) and more to be added soon
•The only keyword tool that displays Ad Rank, Competitor Count and PPC Cost of keywords
•Watch List, Search History Logs and other handy tools for easier keyword researching
•Provides Excellent Support Service
•User friendly search log accessibility through the use of either Keywords or Domain names