Advertising Options Available From Today

Make Money With Kassper is now officially open for advertising. This blog has made huge progress over the past couple of months and the traffic that it currently gets per month gives me the right to add some advertising features.

Here are some reasons why to advertise on Make Money With Kassper:

- Page Rank of 4
- 4000 - 5000 visitors a month according to Google Analytics and
- 2500+ unique visitors a month
- 8000+ page views a month
- In top 6.000+ blogs among 80 million according to Technorati
- 130+ RSS subscribers on average

As you may notice, I have made few minor modifications to my blog in order to make available space for potential advertisers. I had to concentrate on the advertisers in order to make a good deal for them, but I also had to think about you, my readers, and not allow my blog to become overcrowded. I strongly believe that it won't have any impact at all on the current layout and you will still have a clean and nice looking layout to look at :P

I have made 3 advertising options available and they are the following:

1. Sidebar Button 125 x 125 (5 available) and will be placed under the RSS button! Note that the ads are not rotating, costs only $20 a month

2. Top Right Tab Text Link - (1 available) - placed on top right of the homepage, the link gets a lot of clicks every day, costs only $10 a month

3. Full Site Review - A full site review with a couple of screen shots, I'll keep it honest and fair, review stays on home page for at least one week, costs only $10

My advertising page looks like this post and I hope that everyone looking for exposure and a boost in traffic can find a good deal for themselves here.

I'm more than curious to hear what you think about direct advertising. Share some thoughts with me and leave a comment bellow.

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Geniusideas said...

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Mike DeNeut said...

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parfbbum said...

Man, LOL

few days ago there was different stats displayed.

2000+ unique became 2500 in 2 days?


nice blog though

but lame

Kassper said...

@ Parfbbum - the statistics that I entered first were for the past month and in the last two days of august there was 500 more uniques that visited. That's why I modified the stats to show the correct ones.

Rajendra said...

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