SEO Series Batch 6 - Internal Linkinkg

Internal linking is a very important part of every successful search engine optimization. Internal linking basically gives you a chance to add backlinks to your own pages.

Google (the most powerful search engine today) indexes each page as an individual, so you need backlinks to your entire site, it's not enough to build backlinks just to your home page.

You can use each new post that you write on your blog for internal linking. Pay attention to your keywords and keyword phrases about which I have talked earlier in the SEO Series Batch 1.

Optimize your keywords by using anchor texts and make your anchor texts spot on, they have to be on topic and related to the content of the linked post. If you mess up anchor texts, then the whole concept of internal linking loses it's meaning.

Along with adding a sitemap to your blog, internal linking is the most important factor towards a strong and search engine friendly site structure, so try to take advantage of your frequent posting and link to your pages on a regular basis.

Remember, internal linking is a part of every successful SEO story ;)

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