Samsung G600 - The Image Concious Mobile

Here's an interesting contest you might wanna consider entering. It's not about making money online but you could easily win this, sell it and still make money :)

Vote for your favourite Queue Jumper from our gallery of 300 image-concious UK clubbers. All contestants have been selected by the nations finest Door Pickers from acrosss the country and shot with the amazing Samsung G600 5 megapixel camera. The fifteen individuals with the most votes will each win the hottest, most talked about mobile model this season: The Samsung G600

What's more, from the 22nd-31st October 2007, the fifteen Queue Jumper gallery winners will be joined by fifteen winners from our G600 Queue Jumper application poll on Facebook - The thirty winners will then be entered into a grand final, where one lucky Queue Jumper will win an amazing modelbook and photoshoot managed by one of Europes leading model agencies Independent Talent worth £10,000

I also recommend that you check out the Samsung G600 Top thrity guide to the most uber stylish clubs in the UK.

With its features, this is probably the best Camera Phone on the market at the moment, so go ahead and take your chances at winning it!

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This mobile is just awesome!