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Are you looking for a logo design? Than you should read this review.

I was in search for a logo design service online because I needed a logo for my new project online. It will be something new and fresh, and for every blogger out there... Stay tuned for details ;)

As I said, I needed a logo for it and I ran into this site called The first thing I noticed on the site was the portfolio of recent logo projects and I liked what I saw!

I contacted the owner immediately and we made an agreement for a logo design. The logo is absolutely great and he did his best to create it. I'm sure it will stay on my new site for a very very long time...

Dave from will create the design exactly like you want, so if you are in search for a great looking design and service, look no more and contact him. The best thing is that, if you have something to offer, you could make a deal with the owner and trade your services for a logo.

As for my logo, I'll show it to you when the site is launched ;)

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carribean said...

After reading this article i just enter into squarelogo site it was i planned to design my logo with the help of dave.Launch ur site quickly dave....nice

Jason said...

hey, pretty cool post. I make my own logos and headers for my how to make money online web site. So I do not really need them. But thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how to set up "CATEGORIES" list like what you've done on your blog?

nithin said...


Its damn easy. Just add labels in your blogger account.

email marketing software said...

Your post on this company is quite timely for me. I spent over 1 hour trying to be creative to create a logo for my new project, and it just was not happening.
I can program all day long, but I really lack in the creativity area!
Long story short I will contact them and see what they can do for me on this project.

animecrunchy said...

wow this is great. i never know i can get logo design so easy in the net.

Make Money Online For Free said...

That looks really nice! I really need a logo for my site.