How To Do Better SEO?

So, how to do better SEO today? Here's a list of things that You should keep in mind when building your blog/site:

1. Keyword Analysis - do your homework

2. Site Arhitecture Analysis - align the site arhitecture with the search engine crawler

3. Submission to web directories and page optimization - submit, submit, submit

4. Content and links distribution - write, write, link, link

5. Search engine friendly links and meta tags - permalinks are very important

6. Sitemap - a must have

7. High quality incoming links - seem hard to get, but with little effort everything is easy :)

8. Web traffic analysis - great input on your next steps in keyword research and implementation

Try to have everything I just mentioned on your blog and most importantly - BE ACTIVE with your blog. You'll find nothing else than success in the long term.

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