"Link Train" FAQ

I can see that the "link train" was not understood by everyone. That's why I'm writing this post and I hope that it will help clarify the questions!

1. What do I need to do to get on to the list?
First you have to put the original list to your site in a new post, add no more than 3 friendly Agloco sites under the name "my adds" (IT CAN BE YOUR SITE) and you have to give proper credit to the author and to the person(site) where you first saw the list!

2. When will I be added to the original list?

As soon as someone continues the "train" - you automatically then become one of the "ORIGINALS"

3. Will the "Originals" add me to their site?
NO. That's why it is called the "ORIGINAL list". The original list can only receive new sites by moving "my adds" to it.

4. How will I see any benefits from the "link train"?
Do you know how many blogs and sites are there who are promoting AGLOCO?
Let's say that you get on the original list and that list travels 50 blogs.... Would that satisfy you then? No? A 100 blogs? A 1000?
The "link train" has an exponential potential, the only thing you should think about is how will it be continued from your site.... And that's not so hard at all...

5. Can I be removed from the "ORIGINAL" list once I get on it?
NO. You can not ever be removed from it once you get on it!

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