Technorati Favorite Automated Program

Since the Agloco link train has been a success, and I'm still receiving links from it, I decided to do another program which can help us Agloco promoters (and anyone else) to get more exposure and so desired traffic to our websites.

I have to give credit to the site where I found it - check out engtech

What is it all about?

The Technorati Favorites Automated Program allows you to fave back anyone who has added you to their Technorati favorite list. You have to use the Program once a week (Takes about a minute of your time :)

How does that help me?

When you add this site to your Technorati favorites you automatically get a fave back!

If that isn't enough for you, then consider posting this article to your site. Anyone can add you and get a fave back.
When adding this article be sure to link back to the site where you first saw it, meaning - THIS SITE. (Change it a little bit to prevent duplicate content)


Possible entry to the popular list - TOP 100 favorited blogs!
More exposure
More links
And, of course, MORE TRAFFIC!

How it works?

You can download the Technorati Favorites Automated Program by clicking on the image!

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