7 Important Steps For Creating A Successful Blog?

Creating a successful blog is not easy at all. But it's also not impossible ;) Very often you see bloggers trying to do something with their blogs, but there is still a lot of them who can't find success in blogging.

Here are some of the most important steps you have to take on your way in creating a successful blog:

1. Choose A Niche For Your Blog - It's the decision you start with. Choose a niche you love - not like - LOVE! Only than you won't find it difficult writing quality material on your blog.

2. Choose A Blog Name - Suppose you want to write about "Basketball". Than you should choose a name which is highly connected with the name "Basketball" itself. For example "B-Ball Action" or "SlamDunkChamp" would be great names for your blog. Of course, you have to check that they are not already taken and if they are not, go ahead and register it.

3. Choose A Blog Platform - It's very important that you do your homework about Blog Platforms! There are several Blog Platforms you can choose from: Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad
Check out all of them and choose the one that suits you the most!

4. Choose A Blog Template - When you have chosen your Blog Platform, choose a template for your blog. There are lots of templates available around the internet so this is just the fun part.

5. Choose Your Posting Frequency - this is one of the most important factors to decide on. When you start posting, you should do it on a regular basis so your readers will know what to expect from you. If you start posting like a freak for a while and then don't post at all for a while you will find it difficult to keep your readers coming!

6. Always Be Active In Blogging - Visit other sites, if you have something to say at other blogs, then say it, don't just think about it and go away, join social communities online (I recommend MyBlogLog and Technorati to start with), interact with other bloggers around the web!

7. Write Interesting And Quality Content On Your Blog - if you can do that, you have a future in blogging ;)

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geebambino said...

Can you please explain how we can make our posts go under the categories? I'm afraid it didn't work after I followed your instructions :(