Improve Your Alexa Traffic Rank

When I started this blog my Alexa Traffic Rank was just over 7 million! You can imagine that I wasn't so happy with that rank! I blogged around a little bit and came across some tips on how to try and increase that ranking and I can tell you that Is working just fine for now!

Alexa traffic rank is based on a combined measure of page views and users! So, whenever a user visits your site he is recorded by Alexa! The more users end up on your site - the higher traffic rank for you!

Now, if you want to speed things up a little bit you should try and use the Alexa Redirect!

Here's what you do - add Alexa Redirect URL prior to your own URL wherever you can! My redirect URL looks like this

Go ahead and press it (for testing purposes of course;), you'll see that nothing special will happen, you'll just end up back here. My URL is just being redirected through Alexa back here!

So, your URL has to look exactly like this: (note that your URL has to be without http://www.)

When you use it, and someone clicks on it, your site is being redirected through Alexa, thus meaning a better traffic rank for you!

I use it on my Home Button, whenever I post a comment on other blogs and on almost every social community there is!

Back to my traffic info... Here are the results of this experiment for my blog - three months later (from that awful 7 million number ;) my traffic rank has increased big time!

Take a look at this statistics:

As you can see, the traffic rank for the last three months has jumped up for 5,445,512! It means that my blog is getting more traffic than all of those 5 million blogs!! Maybe it is getting more traffic, maybe not, but heck, the world thinks so, and most importantly - POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS THINK SO!

My goal is to brake the Alexa top 100k number because then the ADVERTISERS come storming in! Help lol!

Let me know do you use redirect? Does it work for you?

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing is..
blogspot is main domain for all blogs out there which are, ofcourse, subdomains of it. And then, Alexa rates by partially calculating part of traffic from main domain. That's why there are some nonsense, like approx 81.000 links related.

And also a tip: buy yourself an Alexa subscription account, and your site will get in top 100.000 :) :D
That's Alexa's policy.

So, then you may expect that enormous "advertiser" rush :D :D

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Just it's questionable result and stats. Alexa isn't much appreciated in terms of real stats.
Like one above said, you may manipulate it.
Not with subscription, but with toolbar :)


Kassper said...

I agree, Alexa is somehow questionable, but is a ranking factor in various programs online, and because of that, It's very very important!

As for getting into top 100k blogs, I believe that you can get in without buying their subscription, attract enough readers to visit your site daily and you're there in no time...

are alexa toolbar, widgets or redirection myth? said...

As we are aware that Alexa is also search engine involved in the ranking of various websites on the basis of amount of the visitors, it is required to download the toolbar of Alexa for improving the ranking here. The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users. People are of the view that Alexa is the authenticated site for grading the websites according to their performance online. The traffic ranking in Alexa is determined by the users, which use Alexa toolbar. So it becomes difficult to measure the traffic of the other users going to our website. Now the users which have not installed Alexa toolbar were showing low Alexa ranking inspite of the fact that of website that has doubled or even tripled their uniques, hits and page views. So it is viable that Alexa could be a good measure to see where you would rank among the other websites of the world, but they are not the end. The Google Page Ranking system also is similarly showing the ranking results in the websites. Fortune hotels in Gurgaon, Calicut and Ahmedabad is showing top ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines with key words like business hotels, budget hotels, leisure hotels, etc. But on the other hand it is showing a low ranking in Alexa. Visit alexa traffic details to see ranking of We have downloaded the toolbar of Alexa but inspite of that the ranking is not showing an improvement. We are making efforts as required according to the instructions but are not succeeding. We would like to know the way out.