SEO Series Batch 4 - Add A Sitemap To Your Blog

Adding a sitemap to your blog is a "must do". By adding a sitemap, you allow the search engines to index your site more thoroughly than they would have done without one. It means that you allow your site to be indexed faster and more efficiently.

Let's take googlebot for example: by creating a sitemap, you are automatically making googlebot's job a lot easier. Through the sitemap, it can reach any part of your site and not just the index page, or maybe one or two more pages.

Of course, this automatically increases your visibility on search engines and your whole site can be found through them, not just your index page - meaning - MORE TRAFFIC!

I will post the instructions on how to add a sitemap to blogger in my next post, because for other blog hosts like Wordpress and Typepad there are plugins which can be used to automatically add a sitemap.

It might seem like you could do without a sitemap but please do not skip this one in your SEO Series because having a sitemap is one of the key steps in your SEO Optimization.

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