Text Link Ads Check Arrived Today!

As I said in my previous post about TextLinkAds, they truly are one of the best programs for your blog monetization! Just today the mailman came to my house and brought me a surprise. My first check for MakeMoneyWithKassper blog.

I decided to show you that check to see for yourself on what you are missing out if you aren't a member yet!

So here it is - first check from this blog (not counting Kontera ads because I haven't requested a check from them yet)

If you would like to start earning money in a matter of weeks then I strongly recommend that you join TextLinkAds now for free and get $100 in free links ;)

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Offgrid said...

The check is too fuzzy to read - what does it say ???

Kassper said...

I know it's too fuzzy to read, that was the intention in the first place. The important info on the check is visible (Text Link Ads Logo), so the proof that the check is genuine is there, the amount is really not that important.

Have you joined Text link Ads? Are you making anything from them?