I Signed Up For PPP!

PayPerPost is the real deal! You get money for posting on your blog! If you want to start earning money immediately then you definitely want to check this one out!

Since I haven't seen to many ads on blogs around the blogosphere, I thought why not post about this opportunity and in the same time make a few bucks :)

I have been a member of PayPerPost for two weeks but I decided to try them out on my other blogs so I could give you my best review for the program.

It's really simple. Sign up for PayPerPost fill in the form and start earning money with the opportunities they provide to you! It's very easy to earn money with PayPerPost!

When you register your free account you need to wait for your blog to get accepted into the program. It takes about 5-10 hours to get an e-mail from them in which you get your answer.

When you log in to PayPerPost check out the "Open Opportunities" tab!

In open opportunities, check out which offers are available to you (marked with green color). When you select what you would like to write about than simply take that opportunity and make money with it!

I'm earning money already with it, why don't you start? With this post alone I will earn $10 USD. ;)

Your feedback is highly appreciated so feel free to comment with your experiences on PPP!


alex said...

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Kassper said...

No problem Alex, I hope you will make good use from the PPP and ,of course, make money with it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced about this scheme. Why do i have to pay them anything? Why don't they give an option to say I DO NOT ACCEPT for terms and conditions.

Looks spooky.. with lot of one sided I authorize PPP to charge my credit card statement - This information is embedded in agreement, but not shown on home page - for a reason I am sure...


Georgy Porgy said...

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JB said...

? scam ? I don't know -

There are better ways.

Ifin said...

PPP is good affiliate program

arzuna said...

how abou this affiliate program? cashbuerners