5 Essential Blog Elements Which Every Blog Should Have

Blog elements can be called the foundations of every single blog. If you're trying to make money with your blog, you first have to build strong foundations for it.
Try to see it as your own financial fortress - do you build a house from the roof or from the bottom? It's the same with blogging.... When you set your blog elements right, you should have no or very little problems with making money with your blog.

Here's a quick list of blog elements which every blog should have:

1. ABOUT PAGE - Readers usually like to know who is behind the posts. Write about yourself and your interests and tell them why are your post the ones they should read. Also, it's highly recommended that you put your picture on your about page - readers also like to see who is behind the posts - chose a picture with a smile on your face ;) - You can expect my picture soon :)

2. CONTACT PAGE - Just remember how many times you contacted someone with your questions and queries. As a blogger, you have to make time for your readers. Having a contact page makes it easier for your readers to get in touch with you.

3. SUBSCRIBE BUTTON - Allow your readers to grab your site's feed. Place the button on the top of your page so it's easy accessible. You can also encourage your readers to subscribe to your feed at the beginning or the end of each post (or in the post ;) - subscribe to MMWK)

4. CATEGORIES (LABELS) - Makes the blogging experience on your blog a whole lot easier and comfortable. Categories make it easier for readers to browse through your blog.

5. SEARCH BOX - Always have a search box on your blog. When a reader wants to find something on your blog, the search box takes him there in no time.

After the top 5, I'd like to point out one more blog element important for making money online:

ADVERTISE - If you think your blog is ready for direct advertising, then you should have an "advertise on this blog" page. Remember to focus on the advertiser directly - after all, you are writing the page for him, not for your readers ;) If a potential advertiser visits your blog, you have to be ready for him. Describe why should he advertise on your blog, try to tell the advertiser what benefits will he have by advertising on your blog.

If you have a blog and you don't have one of those elements, then I strongly recommend that you add the ones that your blog is missing.

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megha said...

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MDB said...

A solid foundation and very true. People want to move on so quickly that the forget the importance of the foundation and wonder why it all comes tumbling down on them.

Keep up the good work.

Fizz said...

Thanks. I had most of those already, but advertising will help me a lot.


John J. Kaiser said...

Now if only Wordpress.com allowed you to advertise I would be set.

Jack Lan said...

Wordpress allow advertising right?

What do you actually mean?


Mark- TCM said...

Good words of widom -thanks!
Mark Total Client Marketing

Javis (aka java hut) said...

Excellent insight! I would not have ever thought that simply putting a picture of yourself smiling on your blog could such a difference. I makes sense though, it's put a face to the blog and makes it more personal.

Altered Kat said...

Informative - thank you - need to add a couple of them...


Anonymous said...

As a new blogger, your articles are exactly what I am looking for. Great insight with lots of handy hints.

Ed Kohler said...

Great tips. I'm continually surprised at how few bloggers include contact information on their sites.

Doloresola said...

Hello I've been blogging off and on for years and had absolutely NO clue how to go about blogging for money if I ever decided to. This article was very informative and straight to the point!


Bayle said...

I'm good, i've got the five numbers and the complementary, next step is to get this at the loto...:D

IdeaLog said...

It's elementary, Watson.
You numbered the default elements.

kenya said...

this was perfect reading tonight. i'm going through the process of setting up several blogs. i have strategies for making money. it's tedious at times, and it can be very confusing. there is so much to learn now.

when you've been in and out of the blog world for long periods of time, never was a serious blogger anyway, you become a "newbie" again.

just a bit of guidance is what i needed.
this was a great article.

Heidi said...

This is an important list. I blog for a university (non-profit) and thus don't advertise, but these points are important for all types of blogs.

Blogs may be the work of one or many writers, but it is their interactive nature that separates them from other sites. In order to get readers to engage in the discussion it is paramount to give them the tools they need to explore and keep up with the site while understanding its purpose and that of the author(s).

I find it very frustrating when I land on a blog that I can't search or for which there is no about page. Even if I've been reading a sound entry it makes me think that the author doesn't care. That in turn makes me more skeptical about his/her information, products, etc. Those who follow these rules show an extra degree of professionalism.

Ragenrat said...

I can't seem to get it all together.
I need help with all the steps of getting my stuff out there.

Onehubster said...

well, write an article as you like it. write it sincerely and the money will come:)



Realist06 said...

Great article.

Do you know how to get those little social networking widgets on the bottom of each post? Like Digg, Stubmle, etc., so people can immediately vote on or refer your article?

Sebastian said...

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I will keep on checking yours

intrepidideas said...

Helpful information.... I think I'll make a few changes.

Sunjay said...

Hey very nice info. I miss few things in my blog. Will incorporate them.


chunpo91 said...

Wow ...... very useful article

For me(beginner),It helps more!....... It's True ....

Thx for sharing ,Kassper
Best wishes

The Opinionated Blogger said...

Yes, those are a few essentials but there are plenty of other things that weren't mentioned. Let's talk about SEO and marketing tools before telling the bloggers to directly advertise their site. Optimization would really be a bigger and cheaper step than advertising.

Reina said...

Bet you make lots of money with your blog, because everything you said is absolutely right! wtg! and thanks for sharing.

Maureen Mower said...

Great information, and very useful to the beginner blogger like myself. I've got most of the 5 already, although I have to work on my About page. I'm never sure what to put there - personal stats, education/work background, interests, etc.

I don't want to write too much, so it's hard to decide what will be relevant to my readers (when I get some). Ah well, thanks for the advice and please, keep it coming.


@@@E-R@@@ said...

Great recomendations!!! Really nice job on your blog. Read my blog and see how its going!!

Im a begineer!!


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i have all those blog 5 elements

Learn Selling said...

Wow, that was very good and informative! keep it up!

sulumits retsambew said...

wow very nice but blog must have a unique and interesting topic.

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jessie said...
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exjockerx said...

nice post you have there. i always wandering what wrong whit my blog. thanks for this post,now i realize my mistake.

wajahat said...

These elements are sloid foundation of the blog with out that you will not able to do the succesfull blogging.But one more element which is very importat is social media that should alos be included in blog.

Alex said...

Thanks this was very helpful for me because i just started blogging.


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