SEO Series Batch 5 - Title Tags - Top Rankings

SEO Series continues, today's topic are title tags and post title optimization. I have talked earlier about post title optimization where we focused on title optimization as a key factor for getting top positions in Google.

With the phrase "post title optimization" MakeMoneyWithKassper currently holds number 1 position in Google from 2.340.000 search results. That is a living proof that it is indeed one the most important factors for getting those top results.

When deciding on the post title tags, you have to focus on the following:

1. Focus on your readers - they are the reason you are posting in the first place so you should always chose the title to make it interesting for your readers.

2. Focus On The Content - meaning that you should stick with your topic and try to be as descriptive as you can

3. Make Title Tags Memorable! - use title tags to make them eye catching and easy to remember. For example - my post is called "Get In The Google Top 10 - Post Title Optimization" - the phrase "get in the Google Top 10" is very eye catching and very memorable, but if the post was called just "Post Title Optimization" it wouldn't have had the same effect ;)

4. Try To Use Less Competitive Title Tags - don't try and get in the top 10 by choosing a phrase that is too competitive because you will get disappointed. Try to choose tags that are not so popular but still get a decent user search on the internet.

5. Use Capital Letters For Every Word In The Title - it's just not the same - for example "add categories to blogger" is not nearly as effective as "Add Categories To Blogger"

Try to take all of this into consideration when creating a title for your post. Your readers will start to notice it and they will come back. That's the general idea in the first place ;)

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Ben said...

I absolutely know this works because I've used it before with my blog at Some of my most traveled posts came from picking the right titles (and I've watched some interesting posts die because I foiled to pick a good phrase in the title).

A good trick I try is to type in the title what I think someone would type in the google search box. It really seems to work well.

Kassper said...

I agree with you Ben, when choosing title tags for a good post title optimization you should definitely try to put yourself in the reader's mind... If you can do that, then you will not have any problems with guessing what would a reader type in the search box. By this method, your traffic could significantly increase.

Anonymous said...

post title optimization Activity (Estimated): 1 web-wide search engine queries per day

Google = 1
Yahoo Index = 0
MSN = 0

Activity (Estimated): 0 web-wide search engine queries per day

So what does this prove? If I use word "jgmdkal" - that if someone searches exactly this - I'll position my web 1st on google? :D


Nice so far. Pretty useless information, kid aged 12 could SEO like this.

Also you may tell your readers here that GooglePR=0 site's, like your's links are worth nothing, actually :D


Donneker said...

Anonymous is true, because three search words are very much, and its not too difficult with three search words.
But whats not ok with Anonymous is that he laughs about you, and he stays unknown. So, plz, just laugh if you make it better, and even then, why you should laugh about it at all?
His post is informing well, so, thats all about. (of course, its known long time that you can improve seo with the right titles..:)

lady influence said...

congrats.. i also got the top position for the keyword:
"legitimate earning sites"

the keyword does not have too much of a competition, so maybe that's why i made it to the top..

Kassper said...

I'm happy to see that you have shared your thoughts, but I also have to say that I'm somewhat surprised with the comments, especially with the anonymous one.

Three word anchor texts (post titles)ARE important in your SEO optimization, I thought that someone older than 12 can understand that new blogs can not rank high for any of those popular search queries, but it has to start with something. By getting on top ranks for any given phrase, the chances are your SEO optimization for those high competitive keywords will get a boost and it'll be much easier to rank for them.

Also, I have to ask anonymous a question: does "target audience" mean anything to you?

Also, I have mentioned in my previous SEO Series Post that the SEO tips will be very basic in the beginning of the series and more detailed as we get to the end of the series. Please keep in mind that many of my readers do not have any SEO knowledge at all....

And finally, when the SEO Series started, this blog was PR 0 with the PR knockin' on the doors...
This blog is now PR 2 blog and every link is worth much more.

@ lady influence - congrats on your achievement - now try to use the same words and combine them into another phrases ;)

Jane Doe said...

What an amazing site. The information you have compiled on one page is far more concise than three or four entire other similiar blogs. I am installing the alexa toolbar now. Thank you for the many great tips. I'll be back.

Kassper said...

@ Jane Doe - thank you for your kind words, I'm glad that you could find useful information here. ;)

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