Youtube Takeover - Super Bad Clips

Are you ready for some great entertainment? Yes? OK, then here's something you'll find more than entertaining: Only today, August 1st, you can see something different on YouTube. Exclusive video clips from will take over Youtube with 5 Superbad videos!

I was browsing their site and came across some great stuff, it's really worth checking them out. The YouTube takeover will be exclusively from 12 AM - 11.59 PM today so don't miss it!

SuperBad is a movie about two socially inept teenage boys who are about to graduate high school. They sign up for different colleges and that's where the story gets complicated... After reviewing the videos I can't wait for the movie.
I'm quite curious what it will look like because the video clips they have over at are just what they say they are - BAD ;)
It's kinda cool how they are taking over YouTube with the videos, what better way to promote the film than YouTube which is number 4 on Alexa Ranking. Go over to YouTube when it's on and try to learn from from them how to promote with a bang - because that's just what they are doing ;)

If you like what you see, go to SuperBad for some cool downloads and ringtones which, among other stuff, include some great wallpapers.

What more to ask, you will get some great entertainment + a chance to learn on some great promoting tips!

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