Add A Sitemap To Blogger

As I mentioned in my earlier post, here are step by step instructions on how to add a sitemap to blogger:

First you need to add your site to the google webmaster tools and verify it.

1. Log in to your Google Webmaster Account

2. Add your url and you will get a message that you have added a site to your account.

3. Now click on the verify link. You need to verify your account to enable access to site statistics.

4. Verify the link using the META tag that Google generates for you and copy/paste it just under the first BODY tag of your HTML.

5. When you have pasted the META tag, return to google webmaster tools account and check the box saying "I have added the META tag to my homepage... You have now only confirmed that you own the site.

Now you have to add the sitemap itself.

Since there is no possible way to add a text file to your blogger account, you have to use your site's feed as a sitemap. So, here is how you do it:

6. Click "add sitemap" and you'll be taken to this window:

7. Simply add the extension atom.xml to your url (which you've set up earlier in your Feed Burner account) and click "Add Web Sitemap"

And that's it. You have now added a sitemap to your blogger account. ;)

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Maher said...

thanks for sahring the tip cool friend

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Fizz said...

Dooood thank you so much! It was really annoying me that because I had a blog I couldn't upload a SiteMap, but now I can! I absolutely love your tips, keep them coming!


jam said...

Thanks for the tips. Am trying to add a sitemap for my blog.

Timmo said...

Ye nice post and it is'nt very well explained on the help pages. Formore advice on this visit

Daniel Wood said...

I am sure, this post is still going to help a lot of new bloggers.

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