Pay Per Post - Monetization Can Begin

I got an e-mail from Pay Per Post yesterday about my post "I Signed Up For PPP". I was somewhat surprised to hear from them so soon because it usually takes them more than a month for the post to get reviewed and approved.

I'm not complaining though, the opportunity to be paid for posting sounds great and from now on is available to this blog.

I will be taking them on for some of the available opportunities, but I'll try to choose the ones that are somehow related to money making niche.

Another thing I like about PPP are the PPP tools they have for their bloggers. PPP tools include:

You can check them out when you sign up with PPP under PPP tools tab.

I especially like the "referral program" with which I have already earned a decent amount. Here's a screen capture of my pending referrals and earnings from PPP referral program (if someone recognizes herself/himself - congratulations - you're on a good way to to start making money online!!)

As you can see, from 47 hits I have 8 referrals. That's a pretty conversion rate - every 6th visitor that clicks on the PPP banner signs up with the program. This is thanks to targeted traffic, but that's another topic (we'll get to that in the near future...)

So, you have here a proof that PPP is a very good program for making money online. You just have to sign up for it, the earnings will come soon after that... ;)

8 referrals = $120! You do the math ;)

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