Define Goals For Your Blog!

Setting up goals you want to achieve is very very important! You need to define them upon starting your new blog! Only when you do that, you will try as much as you can to achieve them and the results will come eventually!

When I started this blog I had 4 goals that I wanted to achieve:

- Quality and Interesting Content
- Increasing (getting) PageRank
- Getting Backlinks
- Braking the Alexa top 100k blogs!

As you can see, I am not running any serious ad campaigns yet on my blog, and that is mainly because this blog is not just quite ready for them ;) Don't worry, I tend to make money with this blog too :)

1. Writing Quality and Interesting Content - I'm trying my best to provide high quality posts for my respected readers and I will never stop doing it and trying to improve! If you like what you see than please consider subscribing to my full RSS feed.

2. Increasing PageRank - As for PageRank, my blog is yet to be assigned one! I'm expecting at least PR2 when I get it! My Technorati rank is now in top 12,700 out of 6 Million blogs so I'm hoping the page rank will come soon!

3. Getting Backlinks - When I last checked, I have built 3205 Google backlinks and 4760 Yahoo backilnks! I'm working every day on increasing that number! If anyone is interested in a serious blogroll links exchange, please use the Contact me form and get in touch with me!

4. Breaking The Alexa top 100k Blogs - And this... This is my favorite... I want to get in that 100k list!!! People come on and click click click lol :)

My main goals are not just quite there, but hey, I'm posting on this blog for a very short period of time and I'm sure the results will come sooner or later!

Please let me know what you think, your feedback is highly appreciated and I'm very curious what you think about this post and about my progress so far.

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Barrett Laurie--Editor in Chief said...

Great post! This is really important! I will be contacting you to discuss the link exchange!