Make Money With Domain Parking

Anyone can can make money with domain parking. If you have registered domain name(s) that you own and don't use, then you should definitely try domain parking. The more unused domains you have - the more money you can make with them.

Domain parking is a way to make money with domain's natural traffic. You can make money with them without even lifting a finger!

When you park a domain name, the domain is used to display relevant ads and every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads - you make money!

How can I park my domain name?

1. find a domain name parking service on the internet. Here are my favorites: GoDaddy, Sedo Parking

2. after you have created an account with them, you have to redirect the domain to their servers - you can find out the names of the servers on their "redirect domains" page.

3. contact your domain registrar and inform them that you want to move your domain to another server. Send them the server names and they will redirect the domain for you.

I have several of my domains parked with SEDO and you can see an example of how it looks when you park a domain - here are my "H" domains ;),

When you park your domain, be sure you optimize its layout and its keywords for search. You can do all of that with your parking service provider. ;)

Do you have any experience with domain parking? Have you made money with domain parking yet? I'd love to hear...

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